A friend of mine today wanted to play some music with me, hes a banjo player he likes country and bluegrass so we tried, but i didnt understand anything he was talking about it was like a different language.

So far most of it appears to be basically a 1 4 5 progression in G(banjo open tuning), mainly using chordal notes but I dont know whats really going on.

What can I learn to get used to this style? and can anyone recommend a few good songs to get started?

i like to use open chords (G,C,D) and do little stupid stuff like hammering on 0h2 on the A string for a G, or on the D string for a C chords, and playing with the sus2/D/sus4 on a D chords. also, having the root of the chord bounce from 1 to 5 sounds good.
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What exactly is a powerchord?

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Can you recommend any songs? I dont know any good bluegrass songs
Just get anything Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers or Flatt and Scruggs realeased and learn some traditional songs. A surprising amount of bluegrass standards are traditional. It sounds like you're playing banjo though so idk how to give you tips on that specifically.
f*ck I didn't read your post right. So he is playing banjo and you are playing guitar. Ok, just do bass runs using chromatics in between chords and switch off plucking the root and fifth of the chord in between strums. Solo with regular major or minor scales. Idk what else. I hope that kind of helps...