Anyone ever see these before? http://www.q-tuner.com/gl-6.shtml

Looks pretty funky, but no idea how they would sound. I saw a text ad in my gmail inbox when I was looking for my UPS tracking number for a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickup I recently ordered (I guess those ads do work and find stuff related to your email ). Wonder what they are all about, never heard of the company or supposed technology before.
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All I know is that they use neodymium magnets..

EDIT: they cost as much as Bare Knuckles too.
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Yea never seen a pickup like that before and like aznrockerdude said, its got some new magnet. Would be interesting to hear it but I'll stick to my Alnico II
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wow...the demos make them sound freaking amazing. they are so freaking clear, almost like an acoustic.
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Yea it does sound very clear, but then do you want your electric to sound like an acoustic on clean? It is a personal thing with tone, that 'sound' you're searching for right, so I'm sure it will appeal to some people. Interesting design on them though.
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