please stop detuning, it sounds like ****

edit: tonal ****. its alright otherwise
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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If I were you I would watch out for calling my own riffs awesome and "sick".
Honestly I thought this was pretty bland and your pinch harmonics weren't spot on either. It's not bad by any means though, just pretty unoriginal...
I disagree, for their was nothing 'awesome', nor 'sick' about that riff.
Sounded like a bad rip-off of 30/30-150 by Stone Sour imo
Nothing special, very boring and you need to work on your pinch harmonics
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Drop B is crap tuning, and this just sounds like a ripoff of slipknot and I don't even care for them.
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what gear are you using? it sounds muddy, then again it may be the tuning. seriously, use drop d or drop c#, it should sound so much clearer, unless you dig the mud. i liked the riffage though.
drop b is just fine, its my sound card that sucks, and no my harmonics wernt that great but i still think its a tight riff.
I didn't think it was that sickk but whatever it your riff if you like it thats all that really matters
This sounds like generic video game music, maybe something out of WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (Anybody?)

Maybe improve upon your creativity a little bit. Sounds like you were listening to a song that sounded just like this before you laid it down.
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**** off!!! this is my riff i ripped if off nobody i was playing guitar and it sounded cool. sorry for posting you duece bags.