Okay recently ive just started getting into alot of Children of bodom and I noticed most of there songs are in drop C. I have .10-.46 d'addario strings and was wondering if tuning that low would be bad for the strings or the neck. Would i need to get higher gauged strings? Would i have to bring it in to get the truss rod adjusted? Cause i really dont want to mess with that.

you'll be fine man i play with Ernie Ball Super Slinkeys (.9-.42) and i'm tuned to Drop B on a regular basis
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no your fine just tune down and play away, those strings are a fairly low gauge so they are optimal for down tuning.
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Yeah thats what I meant, you want the number on the string to be higher for down tuning *facepalm*, I'm kind of unfamiliar with some guitar vocab
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Yeah, I'd suggest getting some .011s. (not .11s, that's thicker than a bass string of a relatively light gauge) for D Standard and Drop C. Although, I have gone to Drop B with .010s on an LP.
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so will .010 work. I want to make sure you guys knew what i ment so i dont screw anything up
you could do that. Hell, i've got D'Addario 10 - 46s on my RG, and today i was playing in Drop A#, and only every like 5 or 6 minutes the low E (or in this case A#) would slip out of tune, but the tuners on my RG are cheaply made, so anyways, you shouldn't really have trouble with 10s. For the "authentic" Bodom sound, go get DR 11 - 50 gauge strings, but if you want to bump up the lower strings for tightness sake, go for D'Addario 10 - 52s.