so im buying my acoustic either today or tomorrow, and i was just wondering what yall recommend as of cleaning supplies.
this is most likely gonna be the one i buy:


this is my first expensive guitar, the only one i really care about. my acoustic now is probably worthless its so beat up. haha. i was wondering what you use for fretboards, and the body, and the strings.

also, i heard that when you buy a guitar, you can negociate on the accessories.
im planning on getting a case n the $100 range, and some other little things( a capo, winding peg thingy)

has anyone ever done this buying from a guitar center?
and how should i negotiate this? im already gonna ask for a $50 dollar discount cause its 599 at musicians friend, and they have a price matching guarantee. i donno how im gonna approach a discount for accessories.

i just use dunlop lemon oil on the fretboard .. and just a good wipe down with a microfiber cloth on the body shall be enough .. u dont need 2 worry about polishes and cleaners .. its not like you play right after eating chocolate cake with your hands .. every new guitar i buy i use the lemon oil on the fretboard and sOOOO much black stuff comes off of it
take it easy man .. its just a thread
how often do you use the lemon oil?
i know i sound like a total noob, but ive never done this guitar care stuff in my life.
and do you use a microfiber cloth to clean the fretboard too?

and does anyone know anything about gettin discounts?

all i got when i bought my bass(at a local store) was a handfull of random picks that said "steve's music store " w/ their phone number. haha
A case should come with the guitar! If not, try and negotiate for a cheap price on that [tell them 'you can afford the guitar but not a case ..and you need a case']. Also go for a a set of strings of your choice thrown in for free. D'adarrio 'Light' gauge [not extra light as the tone will be crap on an acoustic] are good.

The absolute best cleaner for the body [not on the fingerboard] is 'Plexus' Plastic cleaner, protectant and polish [google it]. Comes in a small spray can but not cheap. Otherwise 'Armour-all' is very good or any other silicone based cleaner/polish.

The guitar shop should have small bottles of fingerboard oil. Apply [very] lightly with a rag every time you change strings.
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Otherwise 'Armour-all' is very good or any other silicone based cleaner/polish.

Dont use silicone based products on your acoustic guitar.
do not use silicone based products on your guitar .. and dont over do the lemon oil thing .. u dont want to saturate the fretboard to much ... only do it 2-3 times a year .. u can use a regular old rag 2 clean the fretboard because its gonna get pretty dirty .. and u dont want 2 mess up your microfibercloth .. keep your cloth clean and just wipe down the acoustic body after you play especially where your arm sits on it because the oils from your skin will build up faster there ... i dont know much about discounts at gc i go 2 sam ash .. and one time one of the guys gave me discount after i said jokingly "hook it up man" .. he gave me 40 dollars off my entire purchase .. lol
take it easy man .. its just a thread

im gonna try the case thingy, cause it doesnt come with one, and im flying home with it. (the guitar stores in my hometown are really limited.)
These days, the vast majority of acoustic guitars are not finished with either lacquer or French polish. Modern catalyzed polymer [basically plastic] wood finishes have been developed to satisfy the factory's need for expedient production and the consumer's need for durability. These finishes are available in the same variety of colors and gloss as nitrocellulose lacquer.

Silicone bases cleaners are made ESPECIALLY for polymers and plastics. The guitar this dude is buying has a polymer finish [http://www.csiro.au/science/Plastics.html] so my original recommendations are sound for the guitar he is buying.

Simplest of all is a tiny bit of dish washing liquid in some warm water and clean with a soft cloth.

More on cleaning here: http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/GenMaint/Cleaning/cleaning01.html

You can look up finishes on this site too. Anything under a $1000 guitar will for sure have a polymer finish. Above $1k you might get nitrocellulose lacquer where I wouldn't recommend silicone based cleaners. Old guitars too [pre-polymer]. But we are talking about a $500/$600 mass produced new guitar. Definately polymer finish!
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make sure you ask for a discount, i know my brother traded in one of his guitar, they bought it for 70% saying they'd sale for about 125, they listed it around 150 in the store, the thing is they'll give it to you cheaper if you ask, but they get yo money if you dont ask.
I wouldn't use anything silicone-based, not necessarily because it would damage the finish, but because it would leave a film on your guitar. Over time, the buildup could actually cause your guitar's finish to look hazy and feel gunky, not to mention the effect it would have on the tone. I've also read on several luthier's websites that silicone products are a b*tch to remove if a guitar is ever brought in for repair and needs refinishing.

So, unless you're really disgustingly dirty, a soft cloth dampened with some warm water should be just fine. Add a tiny bit of detergent to the water if you really need it. It's just body oils and dust, fer chrissake! Running out and buying an armload of products would be serious overkill.