i'm a tube purist and love the sound of my marshall dsl50 but i want to get a multi fx pedal for, well multiple effects like chorus, phase, really just modulation effects. i hate how all of the multifx pedals out there have all that modeling on them. are there any pedals that come without or have the ability to completely turn off the amp/cab modeling?

well i didnt know. my pod 2.0 and vox tonelab are to my knowledge unable to turn off the amp modeling, but they are more guitar processors i guess.

any suggestions? how are the zooms?
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The Boss ME series fits the bill. I know the Behringer VAMP can also have it's modeling bypassed. Some older units like my ART SGE Mach II are strictly Multi effects units. I think some older Digitech stuff is this way as well.
ME-50 is my favorite of boss's multi effects. Just modeling of stompboxes.
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alright, well the me-20 seems pretty good. il have to try one out and i'll try to test some others as well.
I second Erock503's suggestion.
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Used Magicstomp from eBay. Check out the videos on youtube. The Magicstomp is very clean (no hiss).