hey guys I'm really looking into buying THIS GUITAR

But there are a few things that I'd like to know. First are agile reliable? I mean are they good guitars, how does the neck feel, some poeple told me it was pretty large? Would it be possible for me to buy it in a see-thru pink color ?
What are the pickups ? Are they any good or would I need to change'em ? And what wood is this guitar made of I think it's not mentionned in the specs -_-...

Thanks in advance guys.
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I've heard nothing but good things about Agile guitars, I'm currently considering the Interceptor 7 string
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First of, Yes agile is very reliable. Best customer service of any company. I love the neck personaly its thin but not too thin. You could buy a pink one custom. If you email kurt, the owner, you could get one custom but have to pay extra money then, Probably like 100 USD. Not sure what would it is, im guessing its maple
im getting the exact szame guitar!! in black flame. how bout you? theyre AWE3SOME guitars, and yes you can but it in see thrupink, but only for right now. its a B stock, and its a 7 string wihta floyd, but its still a septor.

ive done neck specs and its almost identical to a wizard (not wizard II), and almost nobody complains about the pickups. hope yours is as good as mine will be!
hey thanks guys.
I contacted Kurt so I can ask him all the questions I want.
Bass guy 129 I'm not sure about getting the 6 string in black flame or the 7 in pink :P
Oh and if you wanna buy it with a case Kurt told me that the Douglas EGC-200 ST Case would fit pretty tight for the guitar and it's only 49,99 USD

Anyway I'll continue to check this out :P
no wood is better or worse from one another. Apart from some woods that are just ridiculous to use, or like plywood. Basswood will give you a nice metal sorta tone. Its all preference
i have the agile septor 7. great guitar for the cash i paid.

had for around.. 8 months now? hasn't needed ANY maintenance so far. easy to setup.. the nut is kinda cheap tho, so i'm thinking of getting a new one carved with slightly lower action as well.

all in all, definitely worth the buy.
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thanks you.
otherwise I heard that some sorts of wood would give you some lighter or deeper tone what kind of tone does basswood generally gives ?
and could it be considered as an intermediate/advanced guitar??
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basswood is usually right between mahogany an alder, so its literally right in the middle, and some players think its actually too melodic an doesnt get nasty enough for metal but then again ibanez uses it a lot, an its pretty metal there
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