so yeah im buying on amazon. and i have enough money for

A) a metal muff
B) Zoom Gx1 multi-effect pedal.

i love distortion but a multi effects pedal would be handy...

so what do you think?
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IF you're gonna go for a Multi-FX just get the G2.1u by Zoom. The one you want is basically worthless as after 10 minutes of playing you've used every effect and want more. The metal muff is a great choice. I bought it and have loved it ever since. If you want lots of effects and some generic distortions then go for the zoom. If you want a completely unique distortion go for the metal muff.
try the electro harmonix holy stain and the boss ME-50. but the metal muff WILL NOT let you down. what other kind of effects are you looking for?
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As youngblood said the metal muff will not dissappoint you.

But if you want to go the rout of muli-effects thats fine, but from experience all I can say is don't but a zoom anything. The Boss ME series are alot better, try having a look there.
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I'd go for the metal muff. It's great, and if you don't really need all the effects and would rather just have a solid distortion, it's a better choice. I've heard some pretty good multi-effects, but the Metal Muff is really great.
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