whats it for exactly?
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I guess you don't have much to lose at $20. Seems like a much less reliable option than an attenuator, but again... it's cheap.
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whats it for exactly?

its so you can crank your amp, then turn this on so you still get good tone, but at low volumes

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oh...I'm guna have to get one for my 112 then
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


I'm guessing that it'll be just like putting an EQ pedal in the FX loop.
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Yeah, it's the same as an EQ or volume pedal in the FX loop. It allows you to get preamp gain at low levels, but because the FX loop comes before the power amp in the circuit, you'll still have to crank the amp to get power tube saturation. So, it's not going to give you a true "amp on 11" tone at bedroom levels (i.e. because the power tubes aren't cooking) but it'll get you partially there. And it's cheaper than a true attenuator. A company named Voodooman makes essentially the same product as well. They're all over Ebay.

You can make one yourself though too. Just get a small enclosure, two jacks, some wire and a pot and slap 'em together. That's all it really is. There's some good diagrams over at HC in the Mesa F-series lounge, page 10 or thereabouts.
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So would this be a waste if i plan on getting an eq pedal?

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Or you can try getting a nice EQ and placing that in the effects loop. Use the level to drop the volume down, and you still have the ability to fine tune the sound with the EQ.
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