Simply I need an amp for my guitar I have no money and I had to sell what little I had to get my guitar and I have very little money about $10 and no way to get more so the best I could do is help with S&H so if anyone could help me even if its a little First Act amp or worse its better than nothing.
That would be awsome if I had 30 or 40 dollars but I dont thanks though. I almost got a peavy today at Wild Bills pawn but sadly turns out that it didnt work so as usual my luck continued.
I have a Squier Sidekick that I just repaired. It's not the best amp, but I brought it back from beyond the grave...

I'd rather trade for something, though. Preferably a wah.

If you don't have one, we'll figure something out...
get an md-20 from fender, they're small, but affordable


Theyd both be around $30 shipped. So you gotta come up with $20.

Or if you have an Apple computer then you can use garageband as an amp. Free.
Or the Aux input to a stereo. Free. (if you have a conector)

You have a lot of options.
Thanks guys at least now I have some options to looks forward to I guess I might have to sell one of my swords if I want to get an amp. By the way jim do you have a twin named zim? XD well I dont have a wah I will have to dig through my parents shed and see if they have anything else they would let me sell.
I happen to have a Fender Frontman 15G for sale/trade, I'll let it go for $35+shipping.
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
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I have an old marshell lead 12, it works, the pots need cleaned, u pay shipping ill send it to u
do you need an amp to play with a drummer or just for jammin at home? if you got a stereo with a mic input you could always buy a 1/4 to 1/8 cable and play thru your stereo or computer.
thanks for mentioning that I went to look and out of all the stereo's in the house mine is the onlyone with a mic input.