I want a JCM 800, but so many 2203's are cheaper than the 2204's because they're more common. I know somebody who took half his tubes out to supposedly make his TSL 100 a 50 watter instead. Anything like this work?
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I believe it does. I'm not necessarily the most knowledgeable person here, but I've heard of it being done.

I wouldn't do it, just because I have really bad luck with most things, but it could work for you.
a quieter amp? blasphemy!!!!!
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you could use a boost pedal and keep it at a low volume?
i dunno.
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you could just tape a pillow to it.

That would work too
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If you pull two tubes in a 100 watt amp, you still have an output transformer that was designed for 100 watts. This won't create any problems per se, but you'll never achieve desirable levels of power tube distortion. The obvious option in this case is to simply turn the amp down.
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There won't be a big volume difference if you pull the tubes out anyways.

Attenuators would be the only option.

That or you could use the Master Volume.
Taping a pillow to it won't really decrease the volume, you'll just lose a whole bunch of treble.
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Taping a pillow to it won't really decrease the volume, you'll just lose a whole bunch of treble.

Yeah, it's really just a percieved volume drop.
Does it have a master volume? If so , you may be okay. Removing tubes could work, but I can't say from personal experience. An attenuator is probably your best bet, if you don't want to do either of those.
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