I am NOT looking for an amp with built-in effects, but an amp that will handle effects pedals I have. I like fuzz (a lot), Octave, and distortion maybe a blue box down the road. I have a 15W Marshal SS and my pedals seem to be a bit much for it. I don't know much about amps... or tubes? My brother suggests a VOX Valvtronic. I am sort of looking at the Crate V33 and V50- but my brother has a real low opinion of Crates mainly solid states from the early 90s. I have no more than $400 to spend, I have a lot of room to play loud (I live in the country). Of course I don't HAVE to spend $400 and am looking at used amps... except I don't really know what I'm looking for? I am happily await your amp expertise.
My Blues Jr is real good with pedals and I got it for $400 at my local shop. It's a 15 watt tube combo.

Them little SS 15 watters (I had several) are really too small for anything.
There's a million amps out there in the $400 or less price range that are decent, but it depends on the sound you want. If you're using pedals a lot then the key is you want an amp that has a great clean channel so your pedals will sound the way you want them to sound. I like Fender amps (the simpler ones, 30+ watts). Right now I have 2 Princeton Chorus solid states that have a great clean channel as well as a decent distortion channel, though I prefer pedal distortion plugged into the clean channel. I also have a Marshall MG100HDFX W but I don't like the effects dial, although the crunch channel is not bad for cheap amp. The Fenders you can play in stereo if you have two, which allows for great sound. I bought each of the Princeton Chorus amps on eBay for about $250 each (I don't think Fender makes them anymore). I'd get rid of the 15W amp, it will never be good playing out unless miked.
Yes generally crates are terrible but there v series are great. I'll have clips on my profile soon of mine if you want to hear how it sounds.

Any tube amp should take Petals through the front well unless there modeling pedals (such as Chours, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Some delays, ect.) then you would want an effects loop.
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Quote by carpepax
Tube amps tend to be more pedal-friendly than many SS or digital modeling amps.

A tube amp with an effects loop would be very best.

This guy has it 100% correct. Any tube amp with a built-in effect loop is made to have effects running through it, and tube amps handle effects a lot clearer, without ruining the tone. Essentialy, the effects is not the worry, it's getting the right tone for you, because tube amps are pretty consistently good across the board.
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My Vj takes pedals very well and i like fuzz, but i'm pretty interested in what PanHead has to say about the Blues jr also. something with an effects loop would be better but good cleans are a decent option especially in your budget range.
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