Ok so I decided that to keep myself occupied and out of trouble i would do a complete "makeover" of my squier affinity fat strat as it was my first guitar wasn't terribly expensive and provided some interesting ideas as to what i could do with it. So i began and i have now stripped it down bare, paint, electrics, neck everything. I put on a new body cover (mod podged a custom print and polyurethaned it rather than paint) and i am purchasing a new set of pickups. This is my biggest problem. I found what i want and i am putting a set up as follows: Humbucker, Single, Humbucker. I have found a megaswitch 5-way selector and that should be easy enough as far as installation and connection is concerned but i am fuzzy as to what i should use for pots. I don't know what to use for the single because i can connect the two humbuckers to a push/pull pot and i can use a single tone pot/knob. Pay no attention to what is alotted by the pickguard because i am not using one anymore i am simply bolting pickups directly to the body for greater sustain and this way no new routing is required as it is a strat style, and i have fashioned a custom plate for whatever pots and toggles i may need to use. PLEASE HELP!