So I've been saving up money from various jobs over the years, and I'm about to use it to upgrade my rig. The plan is to sell all my amps and buy a new guitar and one sick amp (which I've decided is going to be a Carvin V3). I'll pay for the new guitar with the accumulated money from my jobs.

Basically, I've decided on the Parker Fly Mojo Flame. I know it's ridiculously expensive, but I'm ready to spend this much on my so-called "dream guitar". I've played it and I know it's what I want. Only one problem: the store I played it in only had one used one and it didn't have the tremolo. If I get this guitar, I'll want a tremlolo. What I want to know is if the available tremolo on this guitar is good enough to stay in tune well while being used in songs.

Thanks for any (non-stupid) input.
you should try asking that guy "Kristofer Dahl" that makes the weird guitar lesson videos on here i know he has a parker with a trem, its worth a shot if you can figure out how to talk to him. heres a link to his video section on this site Kristofer Dahl
Kris Dahl uses one, but he did switch to an Ibanez when he was doing a whammy lesson so i don't know if that says anything about the Parkers trem, or just because the Ibby had the high out put pickups
It stays in tune better than any non-locking floating trem I've tried, thanks to the locking tuners and graphite nut. However, it doesn't stay in tune as good as a Floyd - and it'll still occasionally go off if you get aggressive with it. No problem though, tune it up.

All in all, it's an excellent machine, but if you're anything close to a Dime disciple in your playing style, then it's not for you, period.
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