Um, I went to a pawn shop and bought the cheapest one which happened to be an Omega 6 by Schecter. I was wondering, is this a good guitar? I don't look for reviews online, since they are all different anyways. I think these are unreliable, and that the consumers are more reliable.
No, it's a piece of sh*t, and you wasted your money(which you never stated how much you paid) and i think you should just go throw it out your window...into the street.

Or maybe post this somewhere other then the pit...k
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i dont like schecters, personally.
not farmiliar with the model tho.

dude, u joined this forum the exact day u bought a guitar?
thats kinda weak
judging from ur username, if its ur first guitar
no guitar is too bad to learn on
who cares if its a **** guitar, nobody learned on a pro model.
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Their not terrible. Just change the Pups and it'll be fine.
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Don't buy from pawn shops. I've never heard of this "Omega 6"
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dude, in all honesty. Schecter makes the BEST cheap electric guitars out there in my experience. for $300 you can get a way better guitar than anything epiphone can offer or other budget brands.

as far as cheap guitars go, schecter owns!
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