A live recording of me and a few friends covering reptilia by the strokes. It's just about a minute and twenty seconds or so, so it should be a quick listen.

Mainly I'm interested in feedback about the lead synthish guitar and vocals. I want to know if there is any hope that I will get better at singing lol :/

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sounds pretty good vocals are pretty good and guitar is good. drums are a little overpowering but that's just the recording
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the guitars sound pretty decent. obviously they sound extremely boxy but they sound good for a boxy sound... if you understand. I've been following your progress, and you indeed appear to be improving quite well. if you compare your cover of wonderwall to that, your tonal quality has impoved a fair bit man. keep it up
Thanks man! I'm still struggling with the singing though. Its a bit tough for me to hit the low notes. I mean I can hit the notes I suppose, but not with a powerful deep chest voice. It sounds a bit thin/whiney to me.

And yea i guess the recording quality is kind of boxy lol. Afterall it was not recorded in a studio but just at a live jam.

I actually really like your voice. You've got an interesting tone. So, definitely keep at it.
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