I'm getting a Deal on a Used Mesa Stiletto Head, but Now I'm going to have to get a cab

What is the best cab for metal, under $400. I know I'm limited by the price, but I cannot get anything better.
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Would a Marshall MG or AVT Cab be better? Or a Randall Cab.

No to the MG/AVT cab, the Randall cab might be okay. Why not a 2x12?
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There is a Randall cab right at the $400 mark... comes with 4 Celestion Seventy 80s. Probably one of the best sounding cheap cabs that you're going to find.
marshall should be ashamed of themselves for putting their name on the avt cabs. ***kin JUNK!
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How many watts is it? And what is the ohm rating. I'm not too familiar with Mesa products.
Its a 50/100W Switchable amp. Not sure about the ohm rating.
Dude, Behringer's cheap and what not, but for a tube amp avoid it. I hate my Behringer cab.
Have a look at the Cheaper Randall's. Maybe a used Randall MTS cab.
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I have that $220 Carvin 2x12, and it is a very nice cab, though compared to my mesa 1x12 it has significantly thinner walls, and it is lighter even though it has 2 speakers. It definitely gets my approval though. There is also a guy selling a Vader 2x12 over at HC that you might want to check out. I'm not sure where he's located though