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Depends on the company and stuff.

yeah...why the hell would we know
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Haggard13 i are impressed
Change your band name first.
for fans of...

Motion City Soundtrack, Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Transit, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Early November, Fall Out Boy, Jawbreaker, Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far, the Wonder Years, Something Corporate.
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Change your band name first.

hahaha, but seriously, thats a question you need to ask whoever is making the picks for you, not the forums here, why would we know?
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I'll get back to you.
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Haha, another custom pic thread by TS? Jeez.

I'd think so, but it might cost more for colour.

Lol for some reason the old one was closed.

It only says 1 price on the Dunlop website, and that's $65 for 200
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Because The Pit = Pick Manufacturers?

Yes... That's exactly what I was thinking...

Wow, I was thinking maybe the pit had some experience with this or anything, obviously I can't contact Dunlop now and ask them about it, it's 12:45AM.
or u guys a wierd kinda smashing pumpkins tribute band?

and i think they would probably not come in multiple colors. Just one basic color.
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lots of pricks...pretty sure the guy was looking for people whove had experience in ordering custom picks...real nice assholes
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it depends on what material u choose and if u choose color or not
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