I'm considering buying a USA strat, the guy claims to have it just a couple of months old.
Again, he 'claims' to have it in mint condit.

I'm new to strats, but unfamiliar with the headstock -- it doesn't look traditional, is it a sign of mexican/squire heritage, or just different.

How much would y'all reckon it's worth? Serial starts with Z7029... for some reason the last three digits are missing


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sounds kind of fishy, first off most strats, if not all, only have one string tree. Secondly, ive never seen one with yellow around the "fender" and also it should say "made in U.S.A." under the fender logo

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Well, a Z7 would suggest an '07 gutiar. Quick check on guitardaterproject.org did not come up. That site only looks at the first 4 characters or so. You can also check serial dating info on fender's site under Support tab.

I thought maybe it was a new vintage strat but the one I found doesn't have 2 string trees to the point made above^. It does have a vintage trem like the MIMs. It looks untouched.


I would do some more research. Ask for the full serial number. There's no secret.
I replied to the guy, questioned the lack of digits in the serial. He claims that he just must not have copied them all out.


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Serial number unrecognized

doesn't match up, I have an 08 american strat and that number seems short to me
Well, just to say, that's a 70s headstock...

I wouldn't say it was Squier or a Mexican one or anything.

EDIT: Infact, The Guitar Dater Project says its a 2007-2008 guitar, so yeah. It may be real.
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