ok ive noticed that there are many requests for the guitar hero guitar battle vs Tom Morello, and there is no current tab for it

if you would like that song tabbed, please post here
if there are enough people wanting it, i will tab it (after a couple other things)

(i made this thread because the tab seems hard, so i need a lot of dedication)

i wouldnt mind to have a copy of it bt i would want the slash one more (is that up), also i dont think alot of people have a setup to play the song like morello, or even at all
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I would, if I had guitar hero.

It just sounds like a bunch of his tricks lumped together.
I don't think you COULD tab that. It's just all the noises he makes with his guitar, there are few actual notes to transcribe, if that.

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It would be hard because of the many effects he uses.

He doesn't use that many effects.

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echo, wah and wahmmy. Not more.

Any way I don't want this tab, I want the solo of good morning vietnam.
↑↑↑ ok...why wasnt that submitted?