I've been lurking around here for a while, finally decided to make an account.

I'm looking to get a good mid-range amp that I can use for practice and jamming with friends, as the amp I currently have doesn't have the greatest tone and isn't really loud enough in a group setting. I'm looking primarily at Ampeg or Ashdown, and maybe GK (although I don't really like their look). I know Carvin is favored heavily around here but I like a warmer sound more than a transparent one.

Right now I'm leaning towards the Ashdown MAG 300 or 600 (interestingly, Musician's Friend has them listed for the same price... seems like a no-brainer to go with the 600). The price is right, and I from what I've read the sound is good too. Plus, the glowing VU meter is nifty. As for the cab, I'd probably go with a 410 of some kind (likely Ashdown as well), with the intent of adding a 115 or getting an 810 in the future when I need it.

Anybody got any information about those MAG heads, or suggestions of other amps to consider? I'm not so much worried about total cost as I am value and getting quality equipment (though I'd like to spend less than $1000).

Some possibly pertinent information:
- Current amp is a Peavey Basic 112 combo (150w). It's a few years old, got it used for $70; great deal and a good amp for what it is, but I'm ready to upgrade.
- My bass is an MIM Ash-body Jazz (heavy, but I love it).
- I mostly play covers of songs I like, usually pop-punk or modern/classic rock with a bit of RHCP slap thrown in (though I'm still learning).
I was going to exploit their pricing too
but the bank wouldn't let me spend 500 for some reason (I was planning on a head and cab)
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hey i was thinkin bout getting an ashwood EB 15-180... are they good? and is that price good for one?