Hi, I'm extremely interested to know how you achieved the tone on this video:


I can see the settings on the pedal, however, it's never been my experience that one pedal be the sole influence of an amp's tone. Do you happen to know how your rig was set up to achieve this sound?

I can see, based on your profile, that you might be harder to contact than the average YouTube-er, so any help you can give would be really appreciated.

...Also, if it happens that you don't know how you achieved the sound originally, might you be able to at lest point me in the general direction? If it will help, my current setup is as follows:

POD Pro through a 15 band EQ through a BBE Sonic Maximizer through a JSX Head Amp through a Sheffield equipped Peavey 4x12.

Thanks so much!
Please don't post multiple threads on the same subject. It's part of being new, everyone does it at least once. You can just edit your other thread to have this info in there as well. As for his tone, sorry, I can't help you out there.
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Don't make multiple threads, it is against the UG rules. The question has been answered in your other thread. It's just that mods don't want the forums clogged with people asking the same questions.
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