So I'm thinking of getting a new guitar, I currently have a Yamaha 40c Classical one that I learned on, but want either an electric or acoustic, but then I figured I could get the Hybrid type (Acoustic with a jack and pick-ups) since then it kind of fills both roles (plus I may be able to "adopt" an acoustic from a family member).

I'll be living with a few other people in a bit (A guitarist w/ good skills, an electric, an acoustic, a solid amp and a few pedals), a drummer, a keyboardist, so we'll probably have some jam sessions, meaning I'd like more flexibility in tone. Plus I find the Classical Fret can make a few chords awkward, so variety in guitar would be nice.

Can anyone suggest a good hybrid (or whether I should avoid them and just go for a straight electric)? I've heard Ovations sound pretty good amped, but acoustically not as much, I'll probably play both a fairly balanced amount.

I like bands like Against Me!, Death cab, but dabble with a wide variety.

Budget is low to moderate, I don't need a multi-thousand dollar guitar, but I'd like something that will last a while and has a solid sound/quality. Maybe $300-400 (Canadian) but that numbers flexible.
hey man! Finally another Against Me! lover..

i think you have the wrong idea of what electric acoustic guitars are.. they are basically acoustic guitars that can be hooked up to an amp to make them louder.. it doesn't really change the sound that much.. for example you can't put distortion on it...(it sounds horrible) all it does is makes them loud enough to hear over a full band without needing a mic...

with that said..

i'd say try a semi-hollow.. if you really like AM! then get a rickenbacker.. it's what tom gabel uses.. it also sounds freakin sweet.. plus if you are going to play with a band definately get electric.. you can always use the clean channel..