Hi. I have an old 60s Fender tube bass head that my dad left me but I have never done anything with it since i don't have anything to run it thru. I figured that i would need vintage 60s or 70s bulit cabs to have a proper set up for the head. By any chance is it possible for me to just get a brand new modern cab like an Eden or Ashdown and just put my old tube 60s head on? Are these types of cabs only built for modern heads? I think it is a noob question but I really want to use my tube head. I think the generation gap might be too much though.
Its probably more tricky the otherway round, you should be fine.
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A speaker is a speaker...as long as the impedance is right, you're fine. Ampeg, Ashdown, and Mark Bass would all be good choices.
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^Exactly. Maybe to fit in with that nostalgic look you want a vintage speaker. Also the sound of a vintage speaker will be different, but it's not going to damage the head or cab at all to run a vintage head with a modern speaker.