Anyone else here listen to Girl Talk?!

I just got tickets to an upcoming show in November so lately have been just listening to his albums nonstop. Nightripper is fantastic and his newest, Feed the Animals, is just as incredible (if not better).

So any other fans? If so, what are your favorite mixes?
wow. yea my girl friend got a CD of his from someone. rap isnt really my cup of tea but i actully kinda enjoy his stuff. his mixing is just great he must have a massive imagination for the way he thinks of music is just incredible.
new album was a wee bit of a let down after night ripper, but it could just be that the mash up thing is kind of old hat now...
Girl Talk is awesome but his songs can get annoying if you listen to them long enough imo
agreed, fun for shaking it to and for trying to figure out all the samples. after that everything sort of goes downhill.
i think youre right. i just downloaded the trial and am trying to get the hang of it again.

i used to use cool edit pro several years ago when recording with friends, and just realized that this is the same program as audition (adobe audition is just the new name).

unfortunately, since its the trial version, most of the interesting features are locked so i can only do so much. but, trial is better than nothing (as the real program is something like $400)
Just Dl'ed Feed the Animals.

God this guy is so good. I'd love to see him again. He's so fun live.
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Just Dl'ed Feed the Animals.

God this guy is so good. I'd love to see him again. He's so fun live.

AHH i can't even begin to explain how excited i am for his show. its still 3 months away, but i am so damn amped up for it.

I really suggest everyone check out a E-603.


Same idea as girl talk, but a tad different. Girl talk is a bit smoother (fewer flaws/glitches/pauses) with his transitions and mixes, but E-603 uses more interesting samples. Uses a lot more variety in his mixes (a lot of great indie)

His album is available for free too
i like him, but i feel like the songs get repetitive. i mean the whole "i'm going to mix 10 songs together" thing is pretty cool, but i kind of get tired of it after listening to a few of the songs. he is really good at mixing them together though.
Fun live for awhile, and he's good at mixing tunes. But you can mix a shitty song with another shitty song only so well.
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I want to see him live soo badly.
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some of his stuff works, some just doesn't and is just annoying. But the stuff that does work, works really well.
I like his new album.

I have an eclectic assortment of music and an often short attention span, so the mashups keep the tempo up nicely when I would otherwise be fruitlessly searching for the "right" song when stressed.

Its also good music to chill to now and then.

I heard his recent live shows weren't very good, and that he just slapped some songs together and rudimentarily mixed them. I was thinking of seeing him, but not so sure now, so let us know if any of you did see on of his recent shows.
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I want to see him live soo badly.

that is what reignited my interest in him.

security had to stop the show midway through because they thought that the stage was going to collapse because there were too many people dancing up there, myself included.
I love girl talk.
Some girl yesterday said she would give me a ticket to go with her, but i have to work ugh
his mixes are really good and his shows are fun to go to. the only reason why his show was fun was because of the energy of the crowd. all he did was hit play on his computer and bob his head up and down.
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One of the best live artists (along with No Age) that I've seen this decade. (I still need to see more bands, but goddamn GT is thta good).