The title says it all. Whenever i try to write or think of some lyrics in my head and sing them out loud it always comes out like a fast rap and i cant figure out how to make them flow and sound like im actually singing and not rapping, anyone got advice?
If you play guitar or anything come up with a riff then get a melody to that riff, that way you can sing the melody and not just sing

way not was lol
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they don't always have to rhyme. Also, use held notes and unothidox patters. Have rests and stuff with the vocals.
Don'r use so many rhymes, sing less words to a line, sing slower...listen to some rock, an pay clsoe attention to the lyrics, emulate that style for a bit.

also, stay away from rap style words. "ya" for you and such...
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maybe try not to rhyme so much. alot of artists these days think that all their lyrics have to rhyme to be considered lyrics. write what comes from how your feeling..whats inside...dont try to fit and change them just so each line rhymes

i dont mean to sound all mushy but its true.