Because I'm very much bored, I started this thread, basically give details on what your dream guitar would be, this isn't a thread where you post a guitar model you want to buy, rather its a let your imagination go wild thing...anyway

Someday when I'm older and get a job or whatever I'll pay a luthier to make me my custom built dream guitar

It'll be a les paul shaped guitar with a white finish, silver hardware and my sig logo (http://j0nathank3y.deviantart.com/art/My-Signature-Logo-JKEY-91721182) near the bottom, the thing that will make it special is it'll have effects built into the guitar similar to how Matt Bellamy (Muse) has in his guitar

It'll probably have an overdrive booster for solos and a pitch shifter to control the feedback and...ect.

if I'm going to go wild...which I am...how cool would shining fret inlays be? Maybe they have that already in the mirror finish gibsons...whatever - and maybe a 12 string neck magically folds out whenever you start to play stairway to heaven...I'll stop now

anyway I probably will never be able to afford something like that...not at 15 anyway

post your dream guitar and if you're good a photoshop give us a rough look at it
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yeah...um stuff the rules - just post pictures of pretty guitars
WTF dude. Provide a "Make Your Own Custom Guitar" website next time. Geez :|


Oh yeah...fail
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This doesn't belong in the pit.

Wtf why?
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Wtf why?

I'm guessing cause it belongs in the Gear Building & Customizing forum.


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