My Edwards weights over 11 lbs (5kg) while my Vintage only 9lbs.
Both guitar have the same body thickness and both are mahogany so it must be something with the mahogany type used in the production.
I've also been wondering for a while if heavier wood gives better sustains or not because I'm quite sure my Edwards does. But that might be because it has that long-neck tenons.

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I don't know, but I believe that heavier wood gives you a "heavier" tone, but I've never heard of it improving sustain ..
maybe compare the pickup cavity and control cavity sizes. also the hardware might have different weight. also the top wood.
that's strange, my edwards is reasonably light (for a les paul). I think lighter mahogany is more expensive. but there are different species of mahogany which can muddy the waters a bit.
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actually i think its the opposite because my epiphone is lighter than gibsons so that must mean heavy wood is more expensive(just a wild guess)