There are currently over 7000 requests here.
But hundreds of the request are already here.
People need to learn to type and search correctly!
Here are a few exemples.

-Jerry C - Am Alrigth : (I'm alright)
-3 Doors Down - Kryptanite : (Kryptonite)
-Johnny Cash - Hurt : the tab is on the site :s
-Soulfly - Tabs : w.t.f? :s
-Metallica - Master Of Pupets : 'facepalm'
-Jerry C - Cannon Rock : (Canon Rock)
-Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californation : (Californication)
-Eric Clapton - Classical Guitar : he doesn't know that song is called 'Classical Gas'
..... etc.

There is also a tab request like this ' g,lkdfjhlmg h' - 'kgjkrhmgr'
and people actually voted for it!!!

I think the system needs to change a bit. We should be able to see who requested
a tab!
so we can help him/her and so we can see who spammed and who voted for those type of things.

It kinda gets on my nerves when i want to search a song on the request list and i see all this stuff :s
Does anyone agree?

yeah, I sent a complete list to logz and I think he deleted most of them, the list was 124 requests :P
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