I have coming to a part where im tired of playing covers and want to do some own material, but i conquer some problems because i cant keep it simple, i always add too many stuff into the songs and it becomes too much, but when i try do it simple it end up sounding too simple and very generic. What are some things that i can think about while im writing music that makes me better, some easy step. Right now im just following my feeling and what i hear in my head but its not whole songs just some riffs and when i try to build a song around it all becomes blaff and nothing good.
Several people share your pain, but my advice to you is to work on imagining the 'entire' song. Think of the harmonies, pianos, other guitar parts, etc. Generally with all the other frequencies of different vocalizations and instruments, it makes the song really full and lush. Save the more complicated stuff for bridges and solos and such.
haha i do that too, im trying to make my first song and im already trying to add tapping into it haha
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akm_202, i now announce you, king of awesome. You may bow down to me.
You know many guitarists compose on the piano because they need to escape the will to add complex and progressive elements with their instrument. So using a piano to compose makes you able to come up with simple melodies and chords.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
I know what you mean. I'm always trying to cram 10lbs of riff into a 5lb bag

I'd say start with a basic melody, like a chord progression. If you have the ability, record it then riff over it, just kinda noodling around until you find somthing that you like, then elaborate on that. Record your noodling too, on a seperate track. You may have an idea you don't like that later sounds great, or have an idea you think is awesome that doesn't sound so hot later on. If you have a mic on your comp, there's a few free recording programs you can use. If not, anything that records sound would work, even a crappy tape deck from a thrift store or somthing. Record yourself often so you get an idea of how you sound, it's a great practice tool.
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