how easy is it to make a guitar from scratch and how much £££££'s will it cost its also like a sighnature guitar except u dont have it made buy a brand eg gibson ibanez or fender which is good
Depends how much you're willing to spend, could cost anywhere around $250-2500... and for a first build building from scratch is hard.
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I've never done it before but I suggest you spend a few months reading into it and how you should go about it before even touching any materials. And yes get as much help from other people as you can.
how much for a decent one kinda like in buying a standard one like a fender kinda mid range expensive one
also when ur making one can u saw the bodie down so u get better cut aways or is this wrong to do
yup around 250-400 for a "cheap as you can get" guitar build from total scratch. The thing is, to make a guitar properly that can be played right and used right you'll have to have some key equipment, and most likely you'll ruin or make a couple bad ones before you get it right!

Off the top of my head some key equipment would be

belt sander
drill press

If you wanted to get a good idea of how they're constructed and elements of construction, it might be a good idea to START with a guitar kit, from grizzly or something similar, they actally have some "ok" kits around 2-300 that include a floyd rose dual humbuckers etc, that let you finish it yourself.

Building from scratch with NO experience of construction methods or important construction knowledge is hard.
if you spend around 500-700 you can make a pretty nice guitar! But again I REALLY wouldn't recommend using good quality wood for the first try because most likely it wont turn out perfect.

Yea I'd start with a kit first.. forgot to answer but you'll DEFINITELY want an adult!!!!! It can be unsafe for anyone if you're careless but using some tools carries a high risk of injury!
buy a kit!!! =] =] =] =] it will give you an awesome understanding of how they're put together, and how to wire some of the electronics (even though they're mostly done for you with kits)

Carvin makes a REALLY nice strat kit for I think 400? or somewhere close I dont remember but the quality will be better than any other "kit" you could buy anywhere else! Plus it allows unlimited finishing options and highly customizable

Good Luck! - Josh
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