im looking to join a band with some guys to hopefully become famous im not picky about how good u are i only need a couple of things

1) it has to be in tapton hill type are
2) has to be a school band (i dont mean doing school music kids in school id be in a band with preferably year 9)
3) be a 4 or 5 piece inc drummer bass rythm guitar and vocals ( i cant do these )
4) maybe willing to write own songs

hopefully ull want me in ur band or make a band with me and dont worry im a good guitarist (lead guitar)
why cant you do rhythm guitar if you play lead :O rhythm is just as important as lead ++ i imagine you would be able to play bass aswell to a pass level without much extra effort
well thats just what i like to do preferably i can dolead and rythym but i like lead and as for bass never came to my mind but i dont own a bass im thinking of playing drums instead