I'm not exactily sure if this is the right place for this or not, but I here it goes XD
I've been playing guitar since December 2007 now and I was wondering if the problems I'm having are normal for someone who has been playing for about 8 months (not solidly mindyou, but close too it, maybe take a week or two off from playing) ANYWHOO I was wondering if these problems are normal and if anyone can offer me any tips on how to improve:
1) I still have problems changing open chords when C major is thrown into the mix. The other chords I can do with relative ease (sometimes I mess up here and there but its getting better). Barre chords are also causing me a problem (but I haven't spent as much on switching from open to barre so that can be solved through more practice)
2) I still have a problem when it comes to playing chords that require strings to be silent (I.E. D maj. I will hit the strings that should stay silent). Normally on slower songs I can avoid this pretty well (it still happens but again human) but as soon as I play something that requires a bit of speed then well it kinda turns messy.
3) this part is somewhat embarrassing but when it comes to strum upwards there are times when I miss the strings. this part is especially frustrating because I figure that by 8 months I should at least know how to strum up and down. yes I know this one is just pathetic but still :P

I know a lot of these problems can be solved with a buttload of practice but is there anyone who had the same problems as me? after (call it 5 months perhaps) of solid practice, is it really acceptable for me to be having these problems or am I just a lost cause and should give up guitar? I really do love playing it and honestly the determination to learn Guitar is there, but I am somewhat worried that I'm also just a lost cause when it comes to this instrument
sorry for the long wall of text, and thank you for any comments/tips you can offer
well, those problems are all normal to anyone who is beginning to learn guitar

the answer i have for you is PRACTICE (but you already knew that)

If those things give you trouble, then for example, practice upstrokes exclusively until you have em down

Hitting the right amount of strings comes with practice

and just practice going to C and back

Ex. A, C, A / D, C, D, / G, C, G, and so on....
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I've been playing for 2 years, and I still suck at anything regarding chords.. Don't feel bad about it.. Just takes more practice >.<
it's all practice bud, you got to hold the guitar any chance you get, even though you may not be that good. it's all about practicing, every chance you get.

I had those problems when starting out (Not 5 months into lol sorry) but yeah its all in all practice, practice, practice! if you really want to get better you HAVE to put the time and effort, if you know something already, learn something new and keep practicing til you get it. PRACTICE!
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Yup, sounds quite normal. I've been playing for 5 years and open chords (for God knows WHAT reasons) still escape me sometimes.

Also remember that your strumming hand, whether it be your right or left hand, also needs muscle memory. That's how your fretting hand can go to chords so quickly is muscle memory. So your brain needs to kinda put the pieces together for say a D maj chord, and figure "Ok, D maj shape on fretting hand, and this particular movement with my strumming hand."

Like anyone'll tell you, it just takes practice.
Muting strings is easy once you work out how you do it best, for instance if I do a C or A chord then I mute the low E wth my thumb and try and hit that string as little as possible, try fingering the chords you need to mute (without strumming) and work out the best way you can mute them. Up strokes are something you just need to keep doing and don't get frustrated when you miss. The C chord is a tough one to get used to, try playing it then taking your hand off the guitar then put it back into the c position and repeat until you can fluently find the fingering, also don't get too easily frustrated or call yourself "pathetic" be confident about your playing and your talents and it will all come much easier.
Hope I helped.
everybody feels they're a lost cause at one point ( a few points actually). Those who still keep going are the ones who learn to play and get people to say "I could never do that." Don't kid yourself the process of learning is not easy, and this stuff takes time. Don't worry about how far along you are at 5 months or 8 months or whatever just concentrate on getting better. KEEP PLAYING. Honestly, look at how far you've already come from when you knew absolutely nothing about guitar. Also, realize that the more you know the easier it is to learn new stuff, therefore the hardest part is the beginning, learning all the chords and stuff like that, what you're having problems with right now.
I've been playing the guitar as long as you, i don't have the problems that you've got, but i'm a totally sickness person about the guitar because i practise all the time, and when a mean all the time, it's all the time. I can tell you that all kind of troubles would desapeare if you practise a lot, so good luck!
Totally normal, i've been playing for a year and i still find it hard to do a C, like everyone said practice,
dont worry about how you are progressing, everyone progresses differently, dont give up and learn songs while you are learning learning other things
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practice, and when you are trying to mute that string, just try and get part of your finger near that string to just slightly brush the top of it and it should mute it well enough. you'll learn eventually. always try and have a game plan type deal when you are switching chords too. some changes are harder than others, try and pre-determine which fingers will go where and how, and just practice that.
You seem to know that these things will go away by practising, so do it.

Personally I could switch between chords pretty fast after about 3 or 4 months, but now (after 6 months) I can pretty much switch between them without having to change my strumming pattern, and when strumming a fast song.

I do practice a lot though, so it is all down to how much you practice.

It's not how good you are after a certain amount of time, it's how good you end up being due to practising the correct things. Somebody could go and learn loads of songs and be considered better than somebody who spent his time learning scales, etc. But in the end, the latter person would be better because while the other person might be learning harder songs, this person is making his own.
wow I definitely have to say thank you, I must admit, it was a thought that has been turning over in my head for a week and bit now, just because I cant seem to grasp chords. Scales I find I can do easier than some chords, but I'm definitely glad that this is relatively normal.
thank you all, I guess one of my main problems is that I'm pretty much on my own too when it comes to music, as most of my friends are gamers or do other forms of art, so when it comes to musical knowledge I'm kind of on my own. but I really do appreacieate the support
Just practice really slowly for a week or so and your strumming problem should start to go away. Also change chords using C major with a metronome really slowly and that problem should go away as well.
It does takes practices but you can practice fingering your chords without strumming the strings.
very normal ive been playing the same amount of time almost except i started in august 2007 and ive been having these problems lately but to practice this try to learn a song such as you shook me all night long by AC/DC this is very good practice for changing chords fast.
It's all totally normal. The only reason is because these aspects have been less practiced. The key is to practice these particular situations you have troubles with. From what you say, I would also recommend you to slow down the speed a bit, it will help in the long run.

Oh, and it doesn't mean that you're not good. All it means is that you are better at other things. And it all comes down to practice.
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It's normal. I bought an acoustic to bring on vacation just to practice open chords...
Thats normal, especially with barre chords. When youre practicing and have a chord change coming up really focus on where your going to move your fingers to a moment before you make the change. Once you make the switch, if youve missed a string just correct it immediately and keep playing and try to get it next time. When I play barre chords, especially an F major I usually put my middle finger down on its string a split second before I put down the rest. It helps me pivot and properly put all my other fingers in the right position. Those types of things may help too.

If its a G to C switch your having trouble with just do G back and forth to C over and over again until your muscle memory kicks in. Ive been having to do that with a few awkward add9 chords and what not. Your fingers just arent used to the position and you have to get them used to it. But it will come easy over time.
I've been playing only about 2 months. I am having nearly the exact same problem. I find that there are good and bad days. When you finally nail something use that excitement to keep you progressing. I try to walk away from it everyday feeling like I can quantify at least 1 thing that I feel I got better at.