I'm not sure where this belongs.

So, today while I was flipping through my Guitar Pro song collection looking for something cool to learn I noticed that you can also have the programm show you the keyboard/piano tabs. Then it struck me: keyboards are awesome.

How much does a cheap keyboard cost that doesn't have like 5000000 effects and stuff?
a decent one will run you $300 plus, beginner keyboards start from about $70.
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It goes a step or two beyond that. The biggest issue most pianists face when confronted with first time shopping for a keyboard is whether or not to step into a weighted keyboard. A weighted keyboard will play and feel much more like a real piano and is much easier to do certain thing (like dynamic modulation) with. Plus pretty much all of them are full size.

That said, basic 61 key setups can cost $300, but a "decent" 88 key weighted setup can cost close to $1000. If you need any reasonably complex synth capabilities, plan on pushing that number up to at least $1500 (often more than that). Then you might need an amp.....
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you can get an 88 key weighted MIDI controller with a USB MIDI I/O fairly cheap, then just get some softsynth software, and play through your comp, that gives you a lot more options.
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