Hi, anybody have a humbucker for the bridge position that can acheive maiden-ish tone, someone recommended a PAF but I'm open to offers.
Do you have regular spacing on your bridge, or do you have a tremolo system on your guitar? I have a Seymour Duncan 59' bridge Trembucker if that fits your bill.

Will sell for cheap too.
What do you mean by regular spacing? I do have a tremolo, and theres about an inch between the bridge and the pickup.
What kind of guitar do you have?

Guitars with tremolo systems usually have their strings spaced out a little bit wider than what is standard. To accommodate, some pickups are made to be slightly wider, so that the strings align properly the the pickup's pole pieces.

In a nutshell, trembuckers are wider for tremolo guitars.

It would help if we knew what kind of guitar you had though...
To the top. Nobody have a humbucker?! Would swap a humbucker for the gamecube I have posted?! Start offering.