Hey guys, I've been charged with writing the band bio for our band to go on our myspace as well as any EPK we send and for stuff like that. I'm not to sure what to put in the band bio. I want to make it interesting and not just like every other one. We want it to sound professional but not make it sound like we're cocky or take it way to seriously.

So guys, any ideas on the type of info I should put in there? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • Keep the tone lighthearted
  • Use proper grammar and check you spelling
  • Explain your goals and interests as a band
  • Perhaps the musical background of the members of the band, although I think that may be better in a blog

Overall, just keep it easy on the eyes and amusing to read.
Band members, when they joined, who formed the band, why and how the other members joined, talk about each member (age, years of experience and his instrument) talk about the creation of your best songs, who contributes to what, make a part that are credits,
Open with a joke and at no point should you praise yourself, I mean seriously do not say a good word about yourself, be completely objective or you just look like your a big headed show off. Try not to say stupid or over dramatic things like "After a chance meeting" (God that line annoys me) and all the other ones you see on myspace and UG. Thats pretty much all i've got for ya, good luck.
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Talk about the good times and bad?

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