can u name some pedals i sholud buy iv got a distortion pedal a guv'nor 2 what others
This is personal opinion to be honest but I've always been a fan of Boss pedals.
If you're into weird spacey type sounds or something good for experimenting with, get yourself a delay pedal...

Also don't just ask us what pedal to buy....at least tell us where you want your music to go.
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well i want my music to be rock music and make solos sound solo pro like not amuter like if u know what i mean
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This is personal opinion to be honest but I've always been a fan of Boss pedals.

I think you should use Boss as a guideline, personally, and then see if you can find a better version of the same effect from another brand (such as a less known brand) for a bit less money.

edit: FX won't make your solos sound more professional at all, you have to play like a pro to sound like a pro.
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well then if your looking for toned out solos like ac/dc then you dont need pedals but if your looking for cool solos then you want a delay pedal but what brand is up to you and also for some solos you might want a distorted wah pedal. For things not solos you probly want an ibanez tube screamer dist. pedal or another type not to digital metal sound. or you could go with the multieffects pedals such as digiech rp250 and mess around with what you like then actually buy those pedals and use them. So say you get the rp250 and find sounds you like, figure out what pedals those are and go buy them or something like them and make your settings and there you go.
This is a good example for getting a multi. You figure out pretty quick what pedals your going to like. Fuzz... I love Fuzz.
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