I am going to buy a custom scratchplate from the aurora project (with lights and everything) but they need measurements for it to be made. How can i measure out the scratchplate? I need pickup dimensions but the real problem is the screw holes. It also has to be somehow input into a CAD machine through a computer (obviously). Can anyone lend me a hand.
CAD machine? you mean you want an electronic drawing?

The option i used is a scanner or copier and make sure you put the bottom down....

it will give them a 1:1 image file that can be traced in any drafting package to an acceptable product and it cab ne emailed
wow thats cool (i searched for the website) good idea

I'd like a cnc machine to make my pickerds

The way i get my custies to do it is make a tracing (and then i cut out a template on the scroll saw) but i assume they scan the tracing and then the cnc machine makes it.

Prolly what they need is a tracing of your current pickguard
i have used a scan and "printed" it with a laser cutter and used the existing 1:1 copy as an image....

works great if the original is perfect and the scan is good...