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Check tvlinks, there's a couple decent streams there.
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I'm sure you can afford to go to the cinema.


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I don't care if you cheat movie studios, but if you stream it online you're cheating yourself because The Dark Knight is a fucking cinematic experience. Go see it in the theater.
I saw it in theaters already and would like to see it again, but am not really too eager to pay the grossly overpriced fee for a ticket, don't be so quick to judge.
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i am not a fan of most modern movies, but in my opinion, Dark Knight was worth going to the theatre for. the loud, surround sound speakers really enhance the experience more than desktop/laptop speakers ever can.
it's more about the feel, than the actual movie.
Pay for a fucking ticket yourself. If you can afford the connection rate to use the internet, I'm pretty sure you can get a cinema ticket.
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If there's any movie out right now that it's worth it to spend money on, it's The Dark Knight.
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A cam screener is on torrent now
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It's so much better on the big screen. Seriously. Go alone if you have to.
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I'm sure you can afford to go to the cinema.


3rd post in and you guys wonder why you get warnings and bans. And yes I am probably going to get a warning for posting as well but I wanted to bring a piece of the rules to the TS's attention:
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