When I alternate pick going down, I'm supposed to go d u d u.
How do I alternate pick going up? u d u d ?

Another question I have is when going d u d u when alternate picking going down (towards the legs), since your pick is coming back up, wouldn't that slow you down?
I've been practicing u d u d alternate picking downwards, and d u d u instead when coming up.

Which is the best way?
I usually pick d u d u.., so you can just keep on going without worrying about it. But i don't think it really matters that much
Its all down to preference. Do whatever your comfortable with..........there are a few situations where theres a better way such as sweep picking, i usually upstroke the first note so that im ready for a series of downstrokes - my hand will be in a better position rather than if i started with a downstroke but do whats comfortable.
ok because I find that my hand cannot stay consistent and sort of freezes for certain picking patterns. Ive been trying to play a particular part of bloodmeat for 3 days and ever since I changed methods, I've been able to pick faster but I freeze sometimes. I guess I just need more practice? lol
Well, if you're just beginning I really wouldn't recommend that you try to play Protest the Hero so soon. But as for the alternate picking patterns, it really depends. Sometimes it's more advantageous to use U D U D rather than D U D U.
its all preference you can start a pattern with a downstroke or an upstroke it dosent matter,BUT when you change this the whole picking pattern changes...
you should practice it bothways so that you get comfortable with each one picking pattern
as for freezing
my picking hand always freezes when i try to play something fast but i dont actually know the picking pattern so i sometimes when i should me playing a downstroke i play a upstroke and vice versa
i think it would be best you take that part of the song you are playing a write it in notepad or wtf and above every note or below every note write d u d u d u so you can practice that and you have a example if you **** up something so you can get it right
rock on
You just have to practice. I try to stay to strict alternate and try to keep the downstroke on the beat. Unless string skippings, tapping, etc. =/