i have multiple points to touch on, so here i go:

I'm going to use names instead of saying "my singer" or "my drummer" all the time.

well first off, i've been with this band for about 4 months now. me and my friend, Eric, decided to form a band because me, him, and our friend Drew are all into music and are pretty talented at what we do... Eric sings, Drew plays drums, and i of course play guitar.. So we figured we needed a bass player, so i called up this kid Ryan (who we call Lurch cuz hes really tall and lanky) and asked him if we wanted to play bass for our band and he said that he did.

now here are the main problems we have within our band and band practices, which i will list in the order that has to biggest effect on the band to the one that has the smallest effect:

1) Me and Eric are pretty much the leaders in the band, we schedule practices, decide what we will practice, etc. We also have a lot of disagreements, though. I want to be playing a couple covers before we start writing, but Eric could care less about playing the covers, and he just wants to go straight to what he started writing the night before.

2) No one else in the band realizes this, but Lurch has no clue how to write the bass parts to our songs, and i think it should be up to the bass player to write the bass parts, not the lead guitarist (me) to write it for him. i mean hes a good player, but he should be responsible for his own part. So i'm thinkin that we should kick him out and get a second guitarist whos actually interested in joining the band, and hes pretty good too.

3) Eric and I feel that Drew could care less about going to band practice and i dont think he even wants to be in the band. Like last night he showed up to practice without is set. i mean what the hell your the drummer for god's sake, i brought my 100 lbs amp and my pedal setup, which neither have cases so i have to lug them around everywhere. So me and Eric are thinking about kicking Drew out and getting Eric's cousin to play drums for us, but the only problem with that is that his cousin lives about an hour and a half away from us, so we wouldnt get to practice as often. we are also thinking about getting Eric a drumset , since he actually learned to play from his cousin.

Any feedback and advice would be awesome.
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Why don't you man up a little bit... and sit down and talk with your mates about your problems ? Dont yell at them or anything... just in a cool manner, go over the points you listed.
hmmm.....Ask Drew IF he really wants to be in the band and if he's even that interested.
Lurch seems like lesser of the problems. If he's anywhere near "good" he will find a way to write bass lines. It's just a weakness that he can overcome. Help him if you have to.

as with you and Eric, I'm with you so compromise. Covers are definitely a good idea for a starting band, but feel free to do originals as well. Do both!
at my band's 2nd gig, we played all originals except for two covers, and afterwards, tons of people told me they really liked how we did one of the covers.

the above post has a good formula ^
I also have a bassist who has some good skills but doesn`t his theory and stuff. Nut he began about 4 months ago so. You should write the bass together with him. He learn from it and will make his own basslines when he knows everything. And for that Drew problem, get the band together and talk about it and ask if they serious want to be in a band, or think it`s just cool to be in one. And be a bit tough. In this situations you`ll need a good leader.
I don't see any reason to be mad at your bassist, unless he has the guitar part there out in front of him when you guys are playing so he knows exactly what's going on with you. Then, if he still can't come up with a halfway decent bass-line, you can write out a chord progression for him and he can play the root notes and choose to spice it up if he wants to.