It's just too big with the cab to lug around for the tiny amount of time I use it.

For what I do these days I really just need a Combo and am willing to do a swap for a decent one.

I need to use the 6505 for approx another week or so but dont want to be without an amp so have posted a bit early. Get your offers in now so we can be ready to trade in about a week/10 days.

I'm based south of Doncaster S.Yorks (thats in the uk for you foreign sorts) and am willing to travel within reason.. say 50 miles.



oH yeah.. any questions.. just ask
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Get a trade for the Peavey 6505 combo then?
Try your local music store as well!
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...classifieds section maybe?
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
wouldn mind a trade but all i have is a mini marshall practice amp lol. willing to bet you wouldn wanna trade for that, gd condition though i hasten to add
lol nice head good look with the trade
i have a cube 60 maybe look into getting one its small enough and has a decent sound.Unless your looking for tubes:P
OK OK... there is no need for more reminders that I posted in the wrong thread.. I am now aware of that and will duly flagelatte myself this evening.