is there a noticible difference (tone wise) between SS rectifiers, and tube rectifiers? how about the quality of caps? its it crucial to use "vintage" style caps and components? im not after a vintage sound, but i dont want to have a cheap sounding amp either. im looking at doing a cheaper build, and having parts that are easier to find.

also, what determines the wattage of the amp? the output of the power supply trans and filter caps or rectifer?
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You probably shouldn't be building a tube amp if you don't know those facts...

But anyway.

1) Not huge, but noticable. Mostly it is in the feel of the attack but tube is arguably smoother.
2) Caps have an effect on tone. It depends what you're after. Most are happy with Mallory caps in british amps and Orange Drop in american amps, but for top-end performance you can improve upon Mallory with sozos... But the price is high.

3) Wattage is determined by the output tubes, overall bias point determined by plate and screen voltage etc, and the configuration of power tubes.
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