Has the Laney TT50H got enough gain for a 'modern' metal sound with my set-up (see below)? If it doesn't could you recommend an amp which has, in the £400-£700 price range.

Using an Ibanez RG7321 and probably a Marshall MC 2x12

Cheers guys,

You could get better amps for a 'Modern' kind of metal tone.

ENGL Powerball/Fireball.
Mesa/Boogie Rectifier
Peavey 5150/6505
it possibly has enough gain for modern... but to my ears, sounded more like an 80s metal tone (with more gain). would be worth trying, at least.

depending on how modern you want to get, i'd try an engl fireball/screamer/blackmore too. EDIT: and marshall jvm- but like the laney, to my ears it's more an 80s metal tone (but with tons of gain).
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been looking at the 6505 combo, cus I think the head would be too loud for a bedroom as well as live amp. Is this the case or can it be turned down enough to do so. I wud use a THD Hotplate but the overall cost is more than I'm looking to spend really, unless anyone knows of any cheaper attentuators?

What is the tone of the combo 6505's like, as I hear that the speakers aren't to good. Is this true?