So..what do you think about them?
To be honest, i couldn't stand them when they first came out cos their songs were constantly played on kerrang! and scuzz but the other day, i couldn't get their songs out my head so i brought the album and thought it was ok. I really like Aleds (the lead singer) voice ha ha
I just checked them out and they are pretty cool. I need to go download some of their songs before i can decide if they are great or not.
I've been a fan of KIGH for about 3yrs now, since just after they formed and i think they're amazing! i only live about 25min away from where their based so i've been to loads of their gigs and tbh they put on quite an amazing show.

Their album is one of the best pop punk/emo albums ive ever bought and i've pretty much had it on repeat 24/7 for the last few weeks and still not getting old..

Anyone who hasn't checked em out yet should!!

Having heard pretty much all bar "Dance All Night" on the album before it was released kind of dampened the release for me
ive seen them live with paramore,
full on amaze band, one of the best supports ever,
and this was like just after they written like 3 of their songs

i like them live, but on the radio and stuff they sound so edited and fake?
Its like a colour mismatch
I've heard enough of them to know I like them, and I'm sure with more listens they could be one of my favourite bands of the moment. Their songs are catchy and really get into my head.