Hey guys, i know NOTHING about amps besides a little research i've done, but i cant make head or tails of what amp to buy. I've been playing for a couple months and im using the amp that came with the guitar, Yammaha GA-15(i knew it was very Sh*t when i was buying it, but im in India for the year and i had pretty much no choice in Guitar OR amp. So i need a new amp cus this one sounds really bad overall. I like to play rock mostly, bands like simple plan and Sum41. I also like A7x but i dont know if i'l be playing their songs. And the amp needs to have a nice clean sound also.

Price range. Not too much, i really dont have a limit but nothing too ridiculous, im still a begginer. Maybe 300-500$ id be willing to go a bit more if its worth it.


PS. This amp needs to be shipable to Punjab(india)
or bought here. Thanks.
Vox ad-30 or Roland Micro cube.
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Roland Cube Amps, up to you what size you get, but don't forget that those babies can pack a punch.
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i'm not sure about prices to india, but sweetsforlife's suggestions are spot on. maybe you could even stretch to the cube 30, depending on how much it is where you are.
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you can get a used peavy classic 30 for around 400.
Edit: USD or indian money?
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I didnt really see any good music stores in the big city near me, but im going to try the really main citys and see what i can get. Also if u guys can post links to the amps that would be great. *goes to google*

also nothing BIG just a small practice amp.
Thanks, and Dollars is fine i can convert my self
I looked at the Peavey and it looks good. The only downside is im not ganan be able to play it unless i can find a decent music store that has it in india. I found this one on Ebay but im going to keep looking.
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