i don't know if i should post 3 in a row, still i don't care so here it is. plz suggest changes if you notice anything weriddd bout it. i wanna show my band but atm it's feeling a lil awkward.

stop my feet
cos they keep running
on every singe page
theres no way down
when they're all around
theres no key to my cage

what's left without me
and what's all around me
i can't keep up
when there seems to me
and all i see is
people i won't be

when i look outside
to all the faces
breathing down my back
when there's nothing more
of what i'm losing
anything i'm looking for
when they're breathing it
into your heart
that gas that makes you fall apart

why did i lie
cos i'm afraid
and when you run so fast
you fall apart
so why did i run at all
i gave up on myself
i can't turn around
i lost myself
and i'll never be found