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Has anyone who was ever a member here ever gotten a record deal and had a fairly succesful album?And I don't mean indie,I mean a major record company.

If so,we should advertise by putting UG gear all on them.
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most ppl on UG are teens, so most likely not
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Not that I know of.

My band had a demo paid for by Island records, but they've refrained from making any kind of offer since.
lol do you really think someone signed onto a major label will have the time to come on ug/even want to come here in the first place?
if i made it big i would still come to ug lol

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

too busy fapping

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in a thread about malmsteen^
I was browsing through the Body Mod thread and found that someone apparently in Kill Hannah posted in there a bit. I looked at their profile though and they've nary been online for about a year I think.

So yeah, as much as I'm not really a fan of Kill Hannah, there you go!
Uhhhh, I recorded some of my stuff in the same studio as Pantera did some of their stuff.
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shadesofanger, you're my hero.

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me, im hayley williams
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Pete Wentz used to be here, but he got permabanned
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But our Band is Listana
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I highly doubt any famous people would want to be on UG, let alone be in the Pit.
Johnny from Kill Hannah is/was a UGer. (his username was incoherentjohnny or something like that).

He posted in my "ART thread" a few times. And used to post in the "Pics thread" quite frequently.
He was really amazing at drawing...

But after Kill Hannah became sorta big/famous, he stopped coming to the pit.
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me, im hayley williams

Gtfo I"m Britney Spears! Let's go get drunk.

Thread has been numerous times with the same results led. Well last time I was Slash.
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ok, so if anyone makes it big, we all agree you need to stay in the pit?
When all else fails, ask the pit.
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ok, so if anyone makes it big, we all agree you need to stay in the pit?

I agree

and so does my buddy Steve Vai, I'll have to call Herman Li and Slash later on about it.
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It is kind of odd that there's not really any famous people on here. Some of the other guitar forums I go to actually do. Herman Li and Buz McGrath (Unearth) are both on Jemsite, for example. They rarely ever post, though.
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Slacker Babbath has a pretty succesful cover band from what i can tell if that counts........ Besides i doubt there would be too man famous people here tbh. Think of all the abuse they would get from the people that dont like them and then annoying fans that would keep pestering them...... If i made it big i would like to still come here or whatever, bur i would make a multi so no one would recognise me, and then i would get banned so it doesnt really matter!
If I was famous I'd stay on UG, but I don't think there would be many other people who would. Like jimmy_newtron said, fans would annoy and haters would diss. It would be hell.

Though a friend did say they thought a guitarist from the Used was on here at one point... if that counts at all....
I'm sure theres been members that registered who happened to take it somewhere, maybe not any mods or popular users. If my band got signed tomorrow i doubt anybody would know who i was from this site
The guys from Ne Obliviscaris frequently post in their own thread in the metal forum. They're big, big, big in terms of music quality.
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ihave27frets is Peter Joseph from the Absence, they're signed to Metal Blade.

Pretty successful, but I don't see him on here that much.
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a7xownz is probably a billionaire by now. That kid was going places.
I simply cannot take this god-awful place anymore. Goodbye to all the good people here. The rest can fuck off.

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I'm Alexi Laiho. Kneel before your god.

And while I'm down there...
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And while I'm down there...

That reminds me of a post from a few years ago that said Alexi Laiho's scream sounded like he was getting head from a chick with braces.

I lol'd.
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a7xownz is probably a billionaire by now. That kid was going places.

I recognized that name. What did he do?
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I recognized that name. What did he do?

He made a thread about becoming a mod, and someone told him to PM Cas, which normally would get you banned, but Cas saw the joke, and decided to do it. So, a7xowns became a mod for less than a day, and ended up getting permabanned.

Unfortunately, I was grounded when this happened, so I missed it all.
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if i made it big i would still come to ug lol

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same here...
If i make it big, i'ld still ocassionally come on here n mess about as always!
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