I just bought a RGT42DX from someone online and this guitar has an Edge III locking system. Unfortunately I didn't do enough research on the trem, and now am reading how much the thing sucks. I don't have the guitar yet, but I should be receiving it in the mail next week. I've played the RGT42DX model before and really liked it, plus I only paid $350 for the guitar. I also wanted something for heavier music.

So I was wondering, if I bought an original Floyd Rose could it be installed easily? I don't think I would even attempt to do it, but I was curious how much of a task it would be.
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I have one of the Edge Series Tremolos, and it's great. I haven't played FRs, but I don't have any complains about my tremolo.

Don't think installing a Floyd Rose would be an easy task to do, but I'm generally afraid of doing such things)
Yes, you could get an OFR, and if youre not up to it, get a tech to install it

But honestly, the Edge 3 isnt as bad as people make it seem, yes its made of cheap materials and doesnt hold tuning as well as an egde pro, but so does every Liscenced Floyd Rose in all the cheap LTD's and Jacksons

If you want it to last, look on the forum for the ultimate edge 3 setup thread or something, it shows how to set it up correctly so it will last very long.
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I really enjoy the Edge III trem. I have never had any real problems with it. The only thing that even slightly bugged me was the first time I re-strung my guitar. Have a little patience the first time you do it and then you should not have any trouble afterward. You still have to deal with this when dealing with FRs. I've messed with both and I definitely prefer the Edge III.
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Yeah, I used to have an ESP with a FR style trem and ended up selling it. Now that I've been playing longer I know how to deal with a FR and everything. Thanks for the insight guys, I just read so many bad things about the Edge III. It's probably not as bad as people make it out to be.
*Taylor 214ce Acoustic
*Fender Highway One Honey Blonde Strat (Fralin Pickups)
*Epiphone Zephyr Regent (Gibson '57 Humbucker)
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*Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET
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i have an Edge III, they really arent that bad. as long as you keep it locked, it holds tuning for a pretty long time
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