I'm registering my guitar with the campus public safety in case it gets stolen.

There's a place on the form for the value of the guitar.

It's a 1964 Mustang. The only things on it that don't work well are the switches and I think they just need to be cleaned.

There are some water marks on the back of the body, neck and headstock. The neck is not warped. I also have what i think is the original case.

So how much is it worth?

edit: wiki says $1,600 (American dollars) but I don't trust wiki on this one.
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do what i do when people ask what mines worth.

Its second hand but i give them the brought new price. I did that on the insurance so i can get a brand new one if its stolen.

I have no idea what yours is worth though
i think it will be worth more, i mean a '61 strat is worth about £15,000

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